New Members Guidelines

Here are details of The Trent Vale Squash Club committee.

The main objective for the committee is maintaining the club for the benefit of the members and to ensure that the club remains sociable, active and viable. Your views and comments are welcomed, if you would like to make an active contribution to the club then please speak to a committee member.


  1. All members pay the same annual membership fee, which is £40.
  2. Court prices £6.00 for 40 minutes. 6 x £1.00 coins ONLY accepted by the light machines.
  3. Membership renewal is due for the season commencing 1st January of each year.
    It is important that all members renew their membership in January.
  4. A central register of all members will be maintained to enable everyone to be kept up to date with activities within the section.
  5. Typically, the following information is needed from new members. This information should be verified by renewing members:
    • Name
    • Email address.


  1. Each court is fitted with one 3kw Quartz/Halogen heater and one 6kw fan heater.
    During the summer months, only the quartz/halogen heater should be necessary.
    During the winter months, the fan heater can also be used for that extra bit of ‘oomph’.
  2. Please ensure that the extractor fans are switched on when playing squash.
    The switches for the extractor fans are located either side of the main light switch.
    This ensures that any moisture is extracted from the courts and reduces condensation on the walls, reducing the chance of damage to the court floorboards.


  1. Please ensure that you close the outer gate after entry to ensure that only legitimate access can be gained to the sports field.
  2. Please ensure that you close the door to the squash building, to ensure that only squash members can gain access to the squash courts.
  3. Please note that there is no insurance cover for personal belongs and that all items are left at the owners’ risk.
  4. Please note that there is no Personal Injury Insurance. Members are advised to take out the own cover if this is deemed a concern.
  5. Please note there is no Public Liability Insurance cover provided.


  1. Please try to leave things is the state you would expect to find them. There are mops and brushes provided to allow us ALL to keep the changing rooms and the courts tidy.
  2. Report any problem you observe to a committee member. If you have any questions or ideas for possible improvements please talk to a committee member.
  3. Please report any incident such as accidents/injury to a member of the committee.
  4. For Court Bookings and Contact Details for other members in the leagues, and lots more information about Trent Vale Squash Club see the club website.
  5. Please ensure that you wear appropriate footwear – i.e. trainers with non-marking soles. Bear in mind that any dirt/mud on the courts can be dangerous and result in injury. It is for this reason why players should change into their trainers in the changing room.


  • Can I use the squash courts if I am not a member?
    Providing you are playing against a member this is fine. We would hope that anyone regularly using the squash facilities (albeit, playing against member) would join Trent Vale Squash Club.
  • What should I do if someone else is using the court that I have booked?
    The clock in the foyer is the master clock. If you have booked the court and someone else is playing. Politely, inform them that their time is up (ideally at the end of a rally).
  • What should I do if the players before me started late and have overrun into the slot that I have booked?
    The clock in the foyer is the master clock. Anyone who has booked a court at a specific time is entitled to ask you to vacate the court, irrespective of why you started late. So bear this in mind if you allow someone else to finish their game.
  • How do I turn on the court heaters?
    The control switches for the court heaters are located under the stairs on the wall near the ladies changing rooms. Remember to switch the court heaters on when you go on court. If the court heaters are still on when you have finished playing then please switch them off.
  • How do I ensure there is hot water for a shower?
    We recommend that you press the hot water boost switch when you go on to start playing squash. The switch is located between the token machines and is below the master clock. Press the switch once and the water will stay hot for 1 hour.
  • How do I contact or raise an issue for the committee?
    Complete website contact form,
    Or speak to a committee member,
    or send an email to
  • How do I book courts?
    Court booking is done via the club web site.
    Select ‘Court Bookings‘,
    Enter username and password,
    then select the day and time that you wish to play.
  • When is ‘peak time’ and what does this mean for court bookings?
    Peak Time is 17:20 – 19:20.
    If you are playing one session, then please only book one session during peak time.
  • What should I do if, I have booked a court but my opponent now cannot play?
    It is really important that if you have booked a court then cannot play (for whatever reason) you cancel your court booking.
    It may also be worth sending out a message on the club Facebook group to let other members know that court is now available.

These guidelines were last updated 9/12/19