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East Midlands Funding Stream:

Email received from englandsquashandracketball.com

Dear all,

I hope you are well.

I am writing to you with news of two funding streams that will be opening for applications as of today. The only stipulation for you to be able to apply is that you or your Club is affiliated to ESR and is situated in the East Midlands Region.

A brief overview of the funding streams with information on how you can apply for each one is detailed below. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to give me a call.

*Please be aware that there is only a set amount of funding available for each pot, so decisions will be made dependant on demand and strength of application.

EM Coach Recruitment Bursary

This pot allows you to apply for a Coaching Bursary towards a forthcoming course cost for a key volunteer or individual at your club. Ideally this will be a candidate that is seeking to compliment your current coaching staff.

This funding is not available retrospectively and can only be applied for by coaches looking to do their qualifications before April 30th 2013. Candidates are able to apply for 50% funding (£100 Level 1, £200 Level 2).

Stipulations Coaches must sign up to pay back a minimum of 8 hours delivery, leading or assisting at their host Club.

To apply please email peter.matthews@englandsquashandracketball.com with the following details;

  • Candidate name
  • Club name
  • Referee name (*Refers to the club member that will ensure that the compulsory coaching is completed in return)
  • Why this candidate deserves the funding (50 words MAXIMUM)

*Deadline Monday 4th March 2013

EM Sustainable Activity Fund (100 - 250)

This funding stream allows you to apply for a grant of up to 250 to help your club set up new additional activity. It may be that you have the right people/coaches in place, but just a lack of funds to get projects started where you can generate initial interest that will hopefully lead to sustainable activity moving forwards. The only stipulation is that any funding that you apply for has to be in a view to creating an on-going feature in your clubs programme. We will look more favourably at Clubs that are able to display this when awarding the grants.

The aim of the project can be to either look to introduce new members to your facility, or to get current members playing more often. It could even be utilised to enable members to try a new sport at your venue (for example normal gym participants, trying racketball). We will be fairly flexible on the format as we are aware that venues all work in differing ways. A few examples could be;

  • Setting up regular off peak recreational racketball sessions (similar to your squash club nights)
  • Ladies only racketball group coaching
  • Over 50's Racketball

To apply please email john.davis@englandsquashandracketball.com with a short proposal of your project by answering the following questions;

  • Name of Club
  • Project description (What are you looking to deliver):
  • Expenditure breakdown (Delivery costs, marketing, equipment, prizes or incentives etc.):
  • How will this project continue and how will it benefit your club? (Where can the participants go once the potential funding is finished?)

Deadline for applications Monday 4th March



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